Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review of Golden Chopstix West Columbia, SC Charleston Hwy

You truly can’t judge a book by its cover. I have passed by Golden Chopstix in the rundown shopping mall called Granby Center or Village plenty of times. Although I wanted to try the Vietnamese and Thai cuisine the facade just never looked appealing. Yesterday after reading some reviews I decided to give it a try. By the way if most people say the place is good I think it sucks and vice versa.

The most popular item seemed to be the Vietnamese Chicken Buns so since I’m a non-conformist I opted for the shrimp version. What you get is lettuce and cucumbers sliced at the bottom of the bowl topped with your choice of meat and rice noodles garnished with pickled carrots and peanuts. I had mine without peanuts because I just don’t get it. The dish comes with a “house dressing” that is some kind of liquid, perhaps thinned broth to pour over it. Without the dressing this would be a quite healthy dish. I enjoyed this alot. The shrimp tasted fresh and wild caught instead of the nasty farm raised variety. I enjoyed the noodles and vegetables. The Chicken Buns were all in all a good dish costing only 9 bucks with shrimp, less for chicken and beef. Everything was fresh. Next time I shall go hot and spicy and try one of the many curry dishes.

I also ordered the Super Nova Roll and this thing was awesome. The roll includes your typical avocado, cucumber, smoked salmon, sushi rice and fish roe but what tops this roll off literally is the sauce. The website says the sauce is Sour and Spicy, the menu calls it Sasabi, whatever it is it is good.

I was full before I was halfway done with the roll and some of the noodle stuff. I like the atmosphere of this place, dim lit. Don’t get me started when I come back and get drunk off Laos beer and order every item on the vast menu.

I approve this place very much and you don’t get that very often from me.

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