Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Review of Willie's Ice House West Columbia SC

When you see a B rating it's probably best to turn around but since I like to live a little I figured I would risk my health. The only plus of Willies Ice House next to the Three Fountains Skating Rink is the food is relatively cheap.

I ordered Willie's Philly, by far not the best philly I've ever had. Whoever cooked it didn't understand you are to put the cheese on the meat to melt it instead of just placing the cheese on the bun and hoping for the best. Also there really isn't a reason to cut the bun, the juice should make it soggy and ruin the foundation anyways but when you cut the bun you are just asking for an awkward sandwich experience. My dining mate said her quesadilla was fine but she was shitface drunk and her opinion doesn't matter. My sandwich was just uh.

The bartender/server did a good job although it took a little while to get our food, not her problem.

They do also offer seafood and an all you can eat crab leg buffet but I don't think I'm risky enough to try that until that B rating gets up. I would pass on this place in the future, much better options out there in the price range, and your probably less likely to get a stomach virus.

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